Jerry Kaplan

Jerry Kaplan and EAE have long participated in the teaching and
learning of mathematics at K-12.

Jerry Kaplan formed EAE specifically as an organization devoted to the field of math education - from the classroom to the publisher. Over the years, the group has worked in many sectors of the math teaching and the learning field.

For years, we worked closely with publishers on the development and marketing of math books and other instructional material. We recently expanded our services to assist school districts, publishers, and software companies to interpret the changing mathematics curricula and delivery media, from books to computers to hand held devices.



Assist clients with the latest changes taking place in math curricula whether it is state specific, or the Common Core Standards


Advise on the changing assessment landscape as it affects local, state, and publishing interests


Help clients formulate plans for the next 2-5 years in math teaching and learning


Evaluate math instructional and assessment products